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Musique asked me about my interests:

You have "lapel pins" listed as an interest... Why? Please explain...

So here goes:

Well, I used to actively collect them. The one time I tried to count them, I had over 8000 pins. It's probably over 12000 by now. Why did I start? Well, it began in college, when I joined the 'Rally Committee' at UC Berkeley - at that time, committee members wore a "driving cap"-style hat, and the 'in' thing to do was to put pinback buttons and lapel pins on it to decorate it. So I did that.

After I graduated, I worked in San Francisco, near the convention center, and I used to go over and attend the shows/exhibits quite often, and would pick up the freebies & giveaways just for fun. Much of the time, these were lapel pins, and I got in the habit of looking for them. Friends would also give me pins when they found out I liekd them.

I began to put them on old pairs of jeans to display them. But I gat too many, so now they just live in boxes.

Because I haven't worked near the convention center in eyars, I don't have as much chance to collect pins as I used to... I'm actually thinking I should go through them and put them up for auction on eBay (except for the best ones, which I'll keep).

This post is part of the Interest Meme going around LJ at the moment.
If you want to take part, reply to this entry. I will poke around in your list of interests on your profile and ask you one question about one of them. You wax rhapsodic on the subject of your interest for the edification of all and we'll learn something keen about you. Then you post these instructions in your own journal.


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