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An Opera inspired by Lloyd Arriola
Synopsis by Paul Sinasohn

Act 1

It’s morning in the 100-Acre-Wood, and Winnie wakes up in his cave. He hums a song as he slurps his breakfast of hunny. Piglet arrives, and the day’s plans are settled on – a few games of Poohsticks, some gardening with Rabbit, and a visit to Owl and Eeyore.

Pooh and Piglet start out to Rabbit’s house, and meet Christopher Robin at the Six Pine Trees. Christopher tells them about a journey his aunt took to the magical town of Las Vegas and the wonderful sights she saw. He gives them a special coin she brought back as a present, though it can’t be used for anything in the Wood.

After Christopher Robin leaves, Pooh and Piglet talk about how much fun it would be to travel to a magical town – even more fun than the expedition to find the East Pole.

They decide to ask Rabbit and Owl for advice, so they continue to Rabbit’s house, where they find Eeyore has arrived to get his tail put back on by Rabbit. After everyone helps fix the tail, the group travels to Owl’s tree. Owl tells them that Las Vegas is not as magical as Christopher Robin makes it seem, that there are strange people, many bright lights, and lots of noise. But when the group proves to be determined, Owl tells them how to get to Las Vegas and gives them tickets that will get them there and let them stay at the home of his friends (the MGM Lions). Naturally, Eeyore is sure the trip will end in disaster for all, and Rabbit tries to decide if helping his friends is more important than tending his garden for a week.

Act 2

The group arrives at the MGM Hotel in Las Vegas and sees the giant lion statues. They are afraid to go in because of both the bright lights and the size of the lion statues. But Pooh reminds them of their courage in previous exploits, like trapping the Heffalump and chasing the Woozle. They enter the hotel and make their way to the lion’s home. The lions welcome the travelers with a rousing chorus praising their learned friend Owl and their own strength, and how the combination is more than a match for any challenge.

The lions makes the group comfortable in their home, and point out the various denizens of the casino. Pooh shows the lions his Special Coin, and the lions react with amazement and awe – it is a special high-roller, unlimited access token reserved for only the best customers – and tells the group how to take advantage of it.

Pooh is hungry, so the group decides to start by finding lunch, so they travel to the Buffet and present the Special Coin, whereupon they are given red carpet treatment. Each of them chooses lots of different treats to try, but they all agree that the standard things they like to eat are best.

As they leave the Buffet, they meet a group of chorus girls from the MGM’s big show. One of them steps on Eeyore’s tail, and while the group is trying to reattach it, the girls whisk Pooh away, explaining to him that there is more hunny in Las Vegas than the little containers in the Buffet, and promising to give it all to him.

Act 3

Piglet, Rabbit and Eeyore have been searching everywhere for Pooh, but cannot find him so they return to the lion’s den. When the lions hear what has happened, they roar with laughter, for they know what Pooh will experience. Meanwhile, the chorus girl who stepped on Eeyore’s tail comes looking for him, and they sing a duet together as they ‘get acquainted’.

Meanwhile, Pooh is being treated to exotic hunnys (Lavender! New Zealand Sunflower!) and generally being pampered by the chorus girls. While he is experiencing delights of many kinds in their bower-like dressing room, he does wonder what his friends are doing at that moment.

The Act ends with Pooh buried under a pile of gorgeous women while Eeyore and his chorus-girl friend kiss under the oaks of the lion’s den.

Act 4

An exhausted Pooh returns to his friends, who are overjoyed to see him alive. He regales them with stories of his experiences while he was gone. The companions, including Eeyore and his friend, realize that Vegas while glitzy and colorful, contains nothing that lasts, and that real wealth is in the friends and familiar surroundings of the 100-Acre-Wood. A touching farewell between Eeyore and his new friend ends the act.


Having left Las Vegas and returned home, the companions meet Owl and Christopher Robin at Owl’s tree. They tell of the sights they saw (all singing at once, of course), and reiterate the lesson that friends and home are where happiness is to be found. Group Hug.

The End.
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